Pregnancy Weight.

by on April 20, 2010

So here’s the deal.  This has nothing to do with running, biking, or swimming.  Prepare yourself.

I went to the doctor’s yesterday.  It was my yearly ‘chick check-up’.  No biggie.  I was excited to talk to my doctor about my recent engagement, our decision for me to stop taking birth control, and all of the fun wedding plans that we have in the works.  Since I only see her once a year, there was a lot of catching up to do.  I showed her my NFP charts, and she said that everything looks good.



Just before the wonderful bill of health and her fervent, “WELL, it sure looks like you’ll know when and how to get pregnant!”…

I was weighed.


On that damn Godforsaken doctor’s office (((clink, clink, clink….slide slide slide…clink…whirrrrrr))) scale.  I hate it.  I’ve always hated it.  It takes me back to those bitchass group physicals that we had in 7th and 8th grade gym class.  All of us wearing our paper gowns together, waiting to be weighed on that bitchass scale.  In front of everyone else.  And, we were thisclose to each other in the tiny locker room, so everyone could see everyone else’s weight.

p.s…I might have had a few therapy sessions that revolved around this experience.  I know…shocker.

In any case, I was weighed.

I didn’t really know how much I weighed up until this point because I never weigh myself.  I do know, however, that the way I looked last year around this time…


Now that's a terrible picture.

Now that's a terrible picture.


Is not the same as I look this year…


I mean, this is no crazy drastic change or anything, but let’s just say that the winter of 2008 was hard on your girl.  I was a little ‘xtra in the middle’.  My clothes fit much better this year.

Since I don’t own a scale, I really couldn’t tell you how much I weighed last March in the first picture.  However, right now, since I got on that bitchass doctor’s scale, I know that I weigh 164 pounds.  This number itself doesn’t really phase me.  I’ve been 180 pounds.  I’ve been 158 pounds.  I’ve been 172 pounds.  I’ve even been 145 pounds.  I’m still THIS GIRL no matter what the scale tells me.

What worries me?

The idea that pregnancy will likely cause me to gain 30 pounds (I’m being modest here…I know that first time moms go batsh!t crazy).  If I gain 30 pounds right now, I will weigh about 200 pounds when I deliver my bouncing little bundle of joy.

Oh, my back.

AHHH, my knees!

Oh, my aching PANCREAS!

And will I be able to keep up with the new mom schedule if my body is not at it’s best?  And what will my recovery be like if I’m at an uncomfortable weight?

I can’t do it, people.  I just can’t do that to my body.  I was not made to lug around 200 pounds of weight, regardless of what point I’m at in life.  Pregnancy or not, I’m not equipped for it.  My knees will not have it.  My mother has diabetes, which she developed later in life (post pregnancy #2).  I don’t want that for myself (or my future husband and children).

I’m taking a stand, and it has nothing to do with body image or pressure to be thin or anything of that sort.  I have to do it for myself.  Because it make sense for me.  Nothing crazy, but I’m going to give myself an ‘intuitive eating tune-up’…stay tuned.



  • Mary (A Merry Life)

    Have to be honest, I’m scared of that too. I’m scared I’ll lose all the weight then get pregnant and gain it all back. I just can’t do that. I’m scared to do that. Ah.

  • It’s seriously very scary.

  • Gina

    You’re not the only one worried about it! I’ve heard that you should only gain 10-20 pounds during a regular pregnancy, but yes, many women do go a bit overboard. And I have a feeling I will be one of those women unless I take care of my body now. I also want to have a healthy, happy pregnancy whenever that happens so it makes me even more motivated.

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  • Angela

    You’re not alone…Especially since I’ve just recently gotten back in shape, I’m scared to death at the prospect of gaining weight for pregnancy (that and having my belly button disappear, weird but true). If I do have a child some day though, I want to have a healthy pregnancy. I’ve seen too many friends go nuts and eat junk the whole time, which is detrimental to more than just weight.

  • Skinny Sushi

    First of all, if you’re careful you won’t necessarily gain that much. The recommended weight gain is 15-25 pounds if you’re at normal weight, less than that if you’re overweight when you get pregnant.

    Most women lose 8-12 pounds the day they give birth, and many women lose another 10 or so in the weeks right after, especially if they are breastfeeding. There are no guarantees, of course, but if you’re careful and watch what you eat and how much you exercise, you will be fine and have very little trouble.

    Plus, when you’re really ready for a baby, you may stop worrying about what it will do to your body. Thanks to some indulgences and 4.5 months of bedrest, I gained 45 pounds with my daughter, but lost 30 of it in the first week. If I had really put the brakes on my eating right then, I would only have had 15 pounds to take off to get back to prepregnancy weight…

    Unfortunately, I didn’t do that….. but I’m only 2 pounds away from my prepreg weight now.

  • ZenLizzie

    I’ve never had a baby, so I can’t give much advice or support when it comes to baby weight, but i can commiserate when it comes to fearing the weight gain.
    Your fears seem a lot less shallow than mine. Right now, I have no plans for a baby any time soon, but I’m also afraid that if I get pregnant now that no one will be able to tell! I feel like I’m so far away from my goals that I will just look like I’m gaining a lot of weight rather than that I’m pregnant. I know it is stupid. There are lots better reasons to want to be in shape before pregnancy. Sigh.

  • I am honestly not afraid of the “losing” weight part. I’ve never had a problem losing weight when I was determined to. It’s the gaining weight part that terrifies me.

  • Yeah, I’m also worried about the “Hmmmm…is she fat or pregnant?” questions…

  • Ashley

    Lmao! I’m terrified of gaining weight when I get pregnant. I don’t lose weight as easily as everyone else, so I’m dreading the weight loss journey.

  • Karie

    Just want to mention if you still do what you do now. Eat right, exercise daily you will only gain the weight you need to for the the baby. About 20 lbs. You are going to do just fine and let them know at the office you dont want to know what your weight is. They never told me. I didnt want to know. I actually just caluculated what I gained from pre pregnancy to giving birth and it was 32 lbs. That seems like a big number but I am actually amazed that it was that much. It didnt “feel” like it.

  • I love you. =)

  • Alicia

    Oh you aren’t the only one. After weighing 250 pounds at one point, the idea of putting ANY weight back on scares the heck out of me, let alone for a reason that is perfectly acceptable and normal to do so!

    I had my husband hide my scale back on January 1st and I haven’t seen it since. Can’t say that I miss it much…

  • Meredith @ Sweat Every Day

    jeez I’m only 21 and you’ve got me worried about when I birth brad pitt’s children in 10 years.

    as the previous commenter said, having weighed 250 merely 15 months ago, I am scared of putting any thing on. every time I eat a piece of chocolate I can see myself 80 lbs ago. but that isn’t practical.

    though it is acceptable to gain pregnancy weight (I mean, come on — you’re growing a freaking human being) I can understand the fear/apprehension! eek!

  • Luann Abrams

    Don’t worry!!! As long as you don’t fall for that “eating for two” crap, you’ll be fine. If you continue to eat healthy, LISTEN TO YOUR BODY, and stay active, you will gain the right amount of weight for you. The same will go for losing the weight afterward–stay active, listen to your body and slowly your body will return to normal. Enjoy the anticipation of having a baby!!! How exciting!

  • Ashley

    We’re engaged and not getting married for another year and want to wait at least a year after that, but I’ve definitely had the same thoughts. I used to weigh 300 pounds — the idea of putting one more pound back on is terrifying, creating life or not!

  • RunToTheFinish

    you may not gain 30 lbs or you may…you’ll be healthy either way and bounce back to your current body because of your healthy lifestyle…that being said the whole idea of being pregnant scares the SHIT out of me

  • Kelly

    As someone who is a little worried about the pregnancy weight myself, it is refreshing that you have such a healthy, albeit careful, attitude about it. After recently reading a Women’s Health article about Jillian Michaels, who says she doesn’t want to get pregnant because she “could never do that to [her] body”. Your post was a breath of fresh air. Sure some of us who have been a bit more than chubby in the past are worrisome of the necessary weigh gain, but it’s not going to keep us from living our lives.

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  • Anna

    I was anorexic (90lbs ish at 5″10) and then bulimic where my weight hit a high of 160lb in my teens and early twenties. I got my weight down to 135lb where I stayed for a while. I am thankful I was able to get pregnant after what I did to my body. So many can’t. I gained 25lb with my daughter and 45 lbs with my son with a delivery weight of 160lb both times. After each baby I lost all my weight and more. My daughter is almost 8 years old and I’m still the healthy 125lb I was 6 weeks after I delivered her. My weight had finally stabilized. My point? You may lose weight through having a baby. You may gain. Be grateful either way. Motherhood is one of the most wonderful gifts in the world. I guarantee that your focus on weight will shift once you bring a little person into the world. It will become quite trivial in the face of motherhood. As someone who has recovered from eating disorders my main focus is to make sure my own children are happy, healthy and educated. It’s way more rewarding and fulfilling than starving myself or sticking my fingers down my throat. Don’t be afraid of pregnancy. It might just change your life! Enjoy! Life is short.

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  • Lisa

    Honestly, I’m scared of gaining 30+ pounds too. I worked REALLY REALLY hard to lose 100 pounds. I definitely want to have kids someday, but the idea of losing control of my body and gaining weight is not appealing.

  • Kaitlin

    It is so reassuring to hear others’ fears about weight gain from pregnancy. I have been trying to find a support group for this issue, even though I don’t plan to have any kids for at least another 2 years with my husband. I really really want to mentally prepare myself for the significant physical changes that will occur, considering I have major body image issues and a long history of bulimia (now recovered…at least physically, but mentally obsessed with food and calories). I work out every single day and realize you must gain weight while pregnant, and I would never ever compromise my baby’s health…But I am still terrified of feeling clausterphobic during pregnancy.

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