Six Weeks To Sottero

by on September 1, 2010

Although this post was not specifically intended to be a “Sorry I’m Not Sorry” post, I’m going to preface it by first telling you this:

“Sorry I’m Not Sorry”.



We could also call this a Wednesday Confession…


Because, well…I suppose that it’s one of those too.

How fun.  Two birds, one stone.

Did you guys know I’m getting married?  I know, big surprise right?  I’ve kept that such a secret here on the blog.  Right.  As if I didn’t tell you all about our wedding, several times over.  Down to each and every painful detail.

[ case you're interested, here's all of the wedding-related posts.  I know how we girls just love to talk about weddings.]

You guys were so supportive with my first “Sorry I’m Not Sorry” post, that hey…I guess it can’t hurt to be honest about this as well, right?  I’m kind of good at laying everything out there anyway, so none of this should surprise you.

I’m trying to get hot for my wedding.

Yes, yes I am.

I understand that this probably isn’t too surprising to any of you who are married already. You’ve already experienced the mental anguish of knowing that you’ll be wearing an incredibly overpriced dress, standing in front of a room full of your loved ones, merging your life together with the man that you love, and then having hundreds upon hundreds of photographs taken of you.  To be consequently pulled out and viewed for approximately the next 50 years of your life.


So in conclusion, I need to look hot in my overpriced Maggie Sottero dress.

This doesn’t involve starving myself.  I even stopped logging my food on Livestrong this week.  I know, aren’t I so wishy-washy?

The truth about my life is that I’ve barely been working out since I did the IronGirl Syracuse in July.  I haven’t really been too worried about it.  Although sweating is an important part of my world (mostly because it keeps me at least partially sane), I needed to worry about other more pressing issues.

Such as moving and kitchen remodeling (which is still not finished, btw).

But now, I’m making sweating a priority again.

I’d like to introduce you to my “Six Weeks To Sottero” plan:


My motto (as written in the “notes” section for September) is “Don’t Think, Just Do”.  Very original, no?

I’ve completed one day.

We’ll see how it goes.

Sorry I’m not sorry.


Also, I want to mention that the Joggers Life TRX Try It Program is turning out to be a smashing success!  I’m so excited to be able to let you guys try out the TRX!  I’ve come to the conclusion that not only are people scared away by the price of the TRX, but it’s also sort of an intimidating apparatus in and of itself.  Somehow, my cajoling all of you in my most annoying voice (“TRY IT, TRY IT!!”) has taken away some of that intimidation.  Awesome!  For that very reason, I’m going to keep annoying you.

So far, we have Rachel and Gene trying out the TRX in September (Gene, you’ll receive your TRX next week–I had to order another due to sheer demand), Kendra is signed up for October, Kristen claimed November, December belongs to Laura, Leah is booked for January, and Angela has February lined up!

That means that March is YOUR month!  Come on, you know you want to try it.


  • Giulia Gentile

    I just went to the TRX site and have been checking out the videos. I don’t know that I can wait until March so I might have to give myself an early christmas present. When I do, I will purchase through you! Thanks for setting this up! The workouts looked insane!!

  • OH, that’s so nice of you! =)

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  • Alicia

    Oh I LOVE this post! Absolutely, hilarious and so true! However, I think you should change your phrase from “I’m trying to get HOT for my wedding” to “I’m going to be a lean machine on my wedding”. You are already hot and don’t forget it! That’s what Operation Beautiful is trying to teach us. Work it out girl so you can rock it out! Have fun!

  • Meredith @ An Epic Change

    Alicia — I think she is perfectly right to say she wants to get HOT for her wedding. Maybe to her being hot isn’t about a physical look but about the way she FEELS about herself in her wedding dress. being a “lean machine”, as you put it, still refers to PHYSICAL appearance! saying she’s hot is a state of mind and not a knock on her body image. OB has nothing to do with what you said because “lean machine” can mean looking OR feeling lean, just as “HOT” can mean looking OR feeling as well.

    Elisabeth – I think you will be HOT on your wedding day, inside and out, just because you love your body and want to work that dress. if you love your body and treat it right, then you’ll always be beautiful in everyone’s eyes. and that is HOT.

  • Rachel Wilkerson

    @Alicia — While I think your heart is in the right place, I have to give Elisabeth credit for owning it and admitting, yeah, she wants to be HOT. While yes, we all work out to be strong and lean, it’s not like she needs bulging biceps to lift that champagne flute to her lips. Sometimes we just want to look good.

  • @Alicia I’m glad that you liked this post! I do think that I’m pretty fu$k!ng awesome just the way I am, but I’m more like “smoldering” right now. As in “luke warm”.

    I want to be HOT. Hot like FIRE.

    Maybe my definition of “HOT” doesn’t equate to “lean machine”. All of our definitions are different, since we’re all different. Part of my “HOT” means that I’ve put in every ounce of effort that I could afford. I know that I can put more effort into my workouts, which is why I’m even making this an issue.

    It’s physical, but it’s also mental.

  • Ashley

    Elisabeth, my wedding is next year and I have no shame in saying that I want to look HOT on my big day. I did not lose 120 pounds to let a few jiggly bits or flabby arms ruin it! I’m healthy enough at this weight, but I want to be ripped like my girl Kelly Ripa — I want to rock my dress like nobody’s business! And there is nothing wrong with that. When we’re in our 80s we’ll look at the photos and I’ll remember how hard I worked and that once upon a time, gravity wasn’t my arch enemy.

  • gene

    hey! your big day is my wife’s birthday! cool. we’ll have an extra (small) piece of cake for you….

  • gene

    oh, and yes, i AM PSYCHED about the trainer!!! woot woot! thanks a bajillion!

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